I’ve been everywhere man ….

Like the Johnny cash song, I’ve been everywhere man …

From some the the world’s largest cities to some of the most isolated places on the planet ( such as Mexico City and Sao Paulo on the big side and Finisterre, Spain and Diego Garcia BIOT on the isolated side — more about these in new blog posts)

From three star Michelin restaurants (Alain Ducasse in London’s Dorchester hotel) to street food and a beer in Port of Spain, Trinidad or Singapore in the 80’s before it became a hipster tourist destination, not to mention mystery meat in Olongapo, Philippines.

From five star resorts and luxury Italian Villas in Tuscany, to sleeping under the stars. I’ve been everywhere man ….

I’ve been using two different apps to track my travels. Granted I started traveling in 1979, way before iPhone and apps, but I have recreated as much as possible where I have been. According to Pin traveler app, I have been to 54 countries. Based on the Century Club (travel club) criteria, I have been to 60 different countries and territories (some countries I’ve been to don’t exist anymore)

Check out a live interactive map of places I’ve been

I’ve crossed all geographic lines of demarcation by foot or ship, except the Antarctic circle …I’ve hiked through every type of terrain … been to the bottom of the world (Dead Sea) and some of the highest mountains in the Rockies, swam in the Mariana Trench (blog post).

I still have bucket lists and wish lists for travels and adventures, which is why I am writing this blog.

stay tuned and follow along.


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