It’s fishing, not catching … why some fishless days are still the best

Nobody likes to skunk out fishing, myself included. But fishless days are part of the game, part of the deal we make when we go out fishing.

As a species, humans try to outthink fish, we read, study their habitat, environment, tides, winds, temperature , the hatch, baitfish runs, moon phases, buy gear and more gear and even more gear.

And then when we think all things are perfect, wind, tide, current, weather, and, the river, the lake, stream, bay, the hatch, flies, bait, lures, etc. the fish don’t show up. They didn’t get the memo.

We are trying to outthink a wild animal that has evolved to survive in a fish-eat-fish three-dimensional waterworld and their pea-sized brain will always outsmart Homosapien’s brain.

Here’s a lesson I learned the hard way. You can’t out think a fish in its own environment, no matter how much you know, or think you know, and how much your gear costs, etc.

A bad day on the water is better than a good day at work

I have been skunked on my own. I have been skunked with some of the best professional fishing guides in the world. It happens. nobody likes it, not me, not my guides. I never complain on a fishless day and never blame the guide or captain.

So back at the dock, on a fishless day, I can honestly say I had a great day on the water, learned more about this sport I love, learned more about the environment, and as the old saying goes, it’s called fishing, not catching, for a reason.

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