Catch & Release and Sometimes Keep

I mostly practice catch and release for two main reasons, sport and my wife is allergic to fish!

Catch & release is very important to ensure game fish and those you don’t plan on eating are around for future generations to enjoy.


To properly release a fish requires a little skill, patience but also speed to get the fish back in the water as fast and healthy as possible. Use a net on larger fish, handle with fishing gloves to protect their outer slime layer and release gently in the water, and if necessary move the fish back and forth so water passes over the gills. Let the fish kick off and swim away to fight another day.

The following video is a great compilation of catch and release of different fish:

The keeper for dinner

From time to time I will keep a few fish to eat. always make sure they are in season and legal size to keep. Never take more than the limit or more than you can reasonably eat.

Redfish fresh from the sea to plate in one afternoon:

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