Isolated and off-the- beaten path: Masirah Island, Oman

Masirah Isand, Oman, not so much a tourist destination as a landing strip on a desert island in the Arabian Sea for C130s delivering supplies to the US Navy. I have been on this island and anchored off shore too many times to count.

The USS Niagara Falls would make runs from Diego Garcia BIOT, (see post) to Masirah almost every other week or so picking up and delivering supplies to our carrier battle groups operating in the GONZO Station (Gulf of Oman, Naval Zone of Operations).

Masirah Island

Oman also served as our staging area for Navy and Marine operations against Iran during the Iranian Hostage crisis (1980-81), for which I was awarded the Navy Expeditionary Medal  for engaging in operations against armed opposition.

Long and hot days unloading pallets from cargo planes for helicopters to ferry to our ship and boring hot nights is how I remember Masirah Island.

Today I understand it’s a tourist ration, and I’m sure it’s nicer and more peaceful than when I was there.

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