April 5, 1979

Some days stick in you memory as a day that everything changed. Your entire life trajectory from that moment on changes forever, such as your wedding day or the birth of your first born.

Another day that changes your life trajectory is when you enlist in the military. I enlisted in the Navy on April 5, 1979 as a 17 year old senior in HS. from that moment on my civilian life basically ended.

Since my honorable discharge in 1985 (after 4 year active and 2 in the reserves) my entire life has been affected and impacted by my military experience. While I;m no longer in the military not a day goes by I don’t think back to different moments in the Navy, th good, the bad and the ugly.

USS Niagara Falls

My insatiable appetite to travel and explore started when in the Navy. I have continued to explore and expand my horizons everyday ever since.

Alec Rosen 1980-81

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  1. Great post Alec! I feel the same way about my military service experience. Was a unique time in our lives…no doubt about that.

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