Tax Man Taketh His Pound of Flesh

No, I’m not talking about the IRS, but the aquatic tax man: Sharks, alligators, piranhas and other predators that take a pound of flesh from your catch or bait.

Here are a few pictures of predators taking their pound of flesh either from bait or the actual catch. All photos are mine, unless otherwise noted in the caption.

Everyone has to pay the tax man … come April 15th or whenever the tax man is hungry.

shark took half the bait and left his mark
shark took half a live bait – following cast we caught him with the leftovers
piranha takes chunks out peacock bass (credit https://www.amazon-angler.com)
caiman grabs peacock bass (credit https://www.amazon-angler.com)
alligator charges boat chasing after largemouth bass in Florida Everglades

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