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Back From the Last Frontier

Just got back home after 3 amazing weeks… drove more than 3,000 miles, more than half on gravel, dirt or rock roads and spent about 50% of the time staying in off-grid cabins (with indoor plumbing). Saw old navy buddies  for the first time in 40 years and caught up on old times and life. 

Enjoyed  every moment of every day (it was mostly day without the sun setting), enjoyed local Alaskan and first peoples culture and hospitality throughout the trip. 

As I process this adventure and go through hundreds of photos and hours of video I will be able to write new and exciting content. In the meantime here’s a quick recap, sort of:


Fished a stretch of Alaska waters (salt and fresh)  from Homer to Toolik Lake …  more than 950 miles from offshore to small arctic creeks and mighty rivers. And covered at least a few hundred miles of waterways.

Caught halibut, king salmon, rock fish, rainbows, dolly vardens, arctic graylings and a few hybrid trout. Shipped nearly 30 pounds of fish  home, all trout were catch and release. 


Hiked the  tundra plains and boreal forests of the north, mountainous and glacial areas  (Denali and Kenai Fjords National parks) and the coastal areas of the Kenai Peninsula. Saw wildlife from humpback whales to bears and moose from eagles to arctic terns and many more. 

Enjoyed the midnight sun and the summer solstice , both north of the arctic circle, where the sun did not set. 

Happy to be back home.

Time to process this adventure, write new posts and edit 8 hours of video in due time.

Alec J. Rosen, Adventurer and Raconteur

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