Alaska Trip: Arctic Leg

The final leg of my Alaska Expedition will be mostly north of the Arctic Circle.


Heading north from Denali, next stop is a couple of days in Fairbanks, Alaska. Besides fishing I will also be enjoying the midnight sun festival celebrating the summer solstice.

Arctic Adventures

For this leg, Wiseman, Alaska will be my basecamp. a small town (population less than 10) about 75 miles north of the Arctic Circle off the Dalton Highway. Wiseman is totally Off the grid and six hour drive back to civilization. My SatComm devises will keep me in touch with my family back in Miami, more than 5,100 miles from my home!

Dalton Highway

The Dalton Highway, featured on Ice Road truckers goes north from Fairbanks to Prudhoe Bay. Most car rental companies will not allow you on this road. However, there are a few that do! While there are tour companies that will drive / fly you north, I’m a DIY adventurer. So I will hit the Dalton in a 4×4 Ram 1500 especially equipped for this trip.


This area is home to many wild rivers and streams teaming with arctic grayling and char. Many are accessible from the Dalton Highway or a short hike from the road.


Driving north from Wiseman through the Brooks Range, through Atigun pass and into the North Slope of Alaska and wide expanse of tundra will be one of the highlights of this entire trip.

Not sure how far north I will go, but regardless it will be a personal best.

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