Musk Ox … An Ice Age Living Relic in Alaska

The prehistoric Ice Age animals once roamed with Wooly Mammoths and saber tooth tigers. Today there are a few wild herds in the Northern Slope of Alaska, Canada and Greenland. The Musk Ox are graceful, beautiful creatures that have adapted to changing climate at the end of the last Ice Age.

Musk Ox

Musk Ox Farm

The Musk Ox Farm, is dedicated to the domestication of the musk ox, known to Alaska Natives as “Oomingmak”, which means “The Bearded One”, this once-endangered animal produces an annual harvest of qiviut (kiv’-ee-ute), the finest wool in the world.

While you can’t touch or pet these beasts, they are very protective of their herd, can run up to 30 mph and use their heads as a battering ram, they are cool to watch from a safe distance on a guided tour.

Musk Ok


The prized wool or qiviut is naturally collected when thee musk ox shed their under layer.

Eight times warmer than wool and extraordinarily lightweight, Qiviut is one of the finest natural fibers known to man. Unlike wool, Qiviut is not scratchy and will not shrink in any temperature of water. It can be hand-washed in any mild detergent and will last for many years

It is also very expensive.

Sources for for natural Qiviut:

I purchased qiviut gifts from both these places for my family and myself.

Oomingmak Co-op

Musk Ox Farm

raw qiviut

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