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AK Trip Stage 2 Highlights: Talkeetna and Denali

Stage 2 was the middle part of this trip and kicked off in earnest at Talkeetna. Here are some of the highlights and links to related posts and videos.

Side Trip & Misadventure

Before heading to Talkeetna, I spent the day with my Navy buddy Huck and we had a nice lunch in Wasilla and then drove down the Glen Allen highway for some 4×4 adventures in my rented Chevy.

Last time Huck and I had adventures we wound up stuck rock climbing half way up a cliff in Marin County, CA as a storm was coming ashore. Another time we got caught in a blizzard in Grand Canyon NP and had to shelter in the men’s room as not to freeze to death.

This time the Chevy got stuck climbing over road obstacles on a closed road (closed for whom?) and we had to dig it out and jack it up.


Talkeetna is a great little tourist town with a great big mountain (Denali) and river (Sustina) running through it. For me it afforded an opportunity to do some back country fishing in and around Denali as well as visit the national park by the same name

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Denali National Park

the national park is the size of some European countries and bigger than a handful of states. I was fortunate to experience the awesomeness and magnificence of Denali by land, water and air.

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More Videos of Stage 2

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