AK Trip Stage 3 Highlights: Arctic Adventures

This is the third and final stage of my Alaska Journey. This stage both started and ended in Fairbanks. While this leg had less fishing than others, it had more exploration and driving than the previous legs, and was just as rewarding. Here are the highlights with links to videos and prior posts:


As I planned this trip to be in the Kenai Peninsula for the start of trout season in early June, I also planned on being in Fairbanks for the Midnight Sun Festival celebrating the Summer Solstice. I enjoyed Fairbanks, a small city with plenty of history and things to do as well as good restaurants and museums (more on these in future posts)

Antler Arch, Fairbanks

Dalton Highway

Made famous in Ice Road Truckers, this road is as difficult as they come, even in mid June. Mostly unpaved, gravel and areas washed out, steep grades and winding switchbacks this is nt a road to take lightly.

I bounced and jostled my way up the haul road and north through Atigun Pass, considered one of the most dangerous passes on one of thee most dangerous roads.

Coldfoot, Wiseman & North

Coldfoot is a glorified truck stop camp where I spent one night. Wiseman was my true base camp and a lovely little town with more dogs than people.

Post on Wiseman, Alaska

I did 3-4 days of fishing up north for arctic grayling, catching my northern most fish at Toolik lake, north of Atigun Pass on the north slope, proper. While I didn’t make it to Deadhorse , that was never my intention. My goal was to spend a day fishing in the arctic which I dd!

Video Highlights of Stage 3

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