Last 24 hours in Alaska: Denali to Miami

The last 24 hours of my Alaska Expedition was surreal.

Note: This is not the last post about Alaska, just the last chronological post of the trip. plenty more to come ...

The Last Night (June 23)

I drove from Fairbanks south to Talkeetna where I met up with my old Navy buddy and shipmate Huck. He drove up from his home in Wasilla to hang out one more time and to join me on the Denali fly by and glacier landing flight the next day.

Dinner was in town with a few drinks and spectacular views of the Alaska Range and Mt. Denali.

dinner and a view

Last Day (June 24)

The morning started off by flying to Mt. Denali and landing on a glacier and 24 hours later I was opening the front door of my house in Coral Gables, Fl, more than 4,000 miles as the crow flies, almost the same as from Miami to Rio de Janeiro.

Alec and Huck on Talkeetna Air Taxi to Denali

Flight to Denali and Glacier Landing

There are too few words to describe the flight seeing tour and glacial landing. Here’s a video with highlights of the flight and landing. This was one hell of a way to end a trip to Alaska, literally on a high note. Fact I did it with Huck, made it more special.

Visiting Old Navy Buddy in Big lake

Last stop was to visit another old Navy shipmate, Marcus, form the Niagara Falls. We were not really close, but were in the same division A-Division or A-gang, but in different “shops.” We served together for a few years.

I was not sure what to expect, but I am so glad I made the time and effort to reconnect with Marcus. Neither of us are the same people we were 40 years ago (Thank God) and I spent a pleasant afternoon enjoying his hospitality at his homestead. I look forward to seeing him next time I’m in Alaska!

Marcus and Alec

Flight Home

I left Big Lake, Alaska and went straight to the airport in Anchorage, returned the truck and had a few drinks at the airport lounge before heading home.

I slept all the way on the flights home. Exhausted but delighted to have spent three weeks in the Last Frontier.

I’ll be back. Hopefully in 2024.

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