3,000 Mile Alaska Road Trip

During my Alaska trip, I drove more than 3,000 miles, with more than half of that on dirt, gravel or rock roads. Even got stuck and had to self-recovery the truck out of a jam (see photo at end of post).

I literally beat crap out of my 4×4 rental. Here are the major highways I drove with approximate segment miles of the roads (note, a lot of roads I did several times, roundtrip, back and forth, side trips, etc.) .

Many of these roads I spent several days driving around raking up the miles as well as many side trips to other places, some very out of the way for fishing and exploring.

Seward Highway

Rode the entire length roundtrip of the Seward Highway, 125 miles each way

Sterling Highway

Rode the entire length roundtrip of the Seward Highway, to Homer Split, 132 miles each way. Stayed four days in Cooper Landing and explored the Kenai Peninsula from this base camp.

Glenn Highway

While I didn’t go the full length of this highway, made it Matanuska Glacier and surrounding areas with my good Navy buddy Huck, before heading back to Wasilla and then north on AK 3 to Talkeetna.

Parks Highway Alaska 3

Entire length roundtrip from Palmer to Fairbanks and back with four days in Talkeetna and Denali. 325 miles each way, not including various side trips.

Dalton Highway

Spent several days in the Arctic with Wiseman as my base camp, and went as far north as Toolik Lake (about 120 miles south of Deadhorse). Each way on the Dalton north and south was over 300 miles, plus side trips, etc.

Power wash clean / fix broken runner

Before retuning the truck, I power washed it on my last day in Alaska to get it looking somewhat less abused than it was. Then we repaired the broken side runner with baling wire. While the windshield had many cracks, I did have insurance for that!

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