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Ancient Native American Cliff Dwellings

The ancient Native American cliff dwellings outside of Sedona have nothing to do with Montezuma and they are not even a castle. Having said that, they are still spectacular and one of the best preserved native sites in Arizona.


Misnamed by Europeans, Montezuma Castle was a five-story ancient condo complex housing multiple families of the Sinagua people, a pre-Columbian culture from about 1100 AD to 1400s related to the Hopi people among other native nations.  

Cliff Dwellings

Established December 8, 1906, Montezuma Castle is the third National Monument dedicated to preserving Native American culture. This 20 room high-rise apartment, nestled into a towering limestone cliff, tells a story of ingenuity, survival and ultimately, prosperity in an unforgiving desert landscape.

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