Backcountry Everglades Fishing: Grand Slam

I got a backcountry grand slam: snook, tarpon, redfish and sea trout on my last fishing trip of 2022 in an undisclosed location deep in the Everglades, with one of my favorite guides, Scott Rose of Peacock Adventures.

The Grand Slam

I’ve been fishing with Scott for several years and he takes a few select clients to his secret spots. I’m sworn to secrecy on pain of never fishing with him again! However, this spot was very technical and required long accurate casts into the mangroves to target the fish.

The fishing was sick, we hooked up with snook within the first five minutes and for the next three hours we had on average one hook-up every five minutes. often times double hook ups.

During the course of the trip we caught double digit snook (high 20s), redfish, sea trout and went one for five on juvenile tarpon — lost a few jumpers on single hook jigs. In addition we landed a bunch of ladyfish.

Check out the video of the fishing:

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