Video Blog: How to Catch a Trophy Fish

n this video, we’re going to show you how to catch a Trophy Fish – Any species from Big Bonefish to Trophy Trout.

Whether you’re a beginner fishing enthusiast or an experienced angler like me, these tips will help you catch the big one! We’ll be taking you on a journey to some of the most popular Trophy fishing areas in the country, so you can learn how to catch any Trophy fish – big bonefish, tarpon, bass and trout.

After watching this video, you’ll be ready to take your fishing skills to the next level!


  • 0:00 How to Catch a trophy fish
  • 1:07 What makes a Fish a Trophy Fish
  • 1:45 Trophy Bonefish
  • 3:59 Trophy Rainbow Trout
  • 7:27 Trophy Bass
  • 8:30 Catching your trophy fish tips

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