Video Blog: How to Plan DIY Alaska Trip

As readers of this blog know, I have chronicled everything about my 2022 Alaska trip from planning to budgets and from adventures and even a few misadventures as well as all the outdoor experiences and activities.

I spent a year planning that trip to Alaska so you don’t have to …. See my video for DIY hacks for planning an Alaska or any DIY adventure.

This video will show you how to DIY your Alaska Vacation and plan your trip in detail, from choosing the destination to booking lodging and 4×4 trucks . If you’ve always wanted to travel to Alaska but thought it was too difficult or time-consuming to plan on your own, this guide is for you!

video chapters

  • 0:00 Intro How to Plan a DIY Alaska Trip
  • 0:47 How to steps to planning DIY AK trip
  • 1:29 Your trip on your terms
  • 2:04 step by step planning
  • 2:22 obstacles to DIY trips
  • 2:45 you will need a 4×4 truck for off-roads and Dalton Highway
  • 3:30 Keep an eye on MPG and gas stations
  • 4:25 Flying around in Bush Planes
  • 4:56 Gear for the DIY Alaska Trip
  • 6:26 Bear Safety
  • 6:55 logistics and route
  • 7:23 Focus on what’s important to you
  • 8:08 understand the terrain in Alaska
  • 8:38 map it out
  • 9:12 lodging from camping to cabins
  • 10:08 lack of cell and internet coverage 10:32 Satellite Communications Plan
  • 12:12 my itinerary as an example

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