Putting Rolex Explorer II to the test

Explorer II Background 

For those not familiar with the Rolex Explorer II, it comes in either black or white “Polar” dial.  Both  are made for  extreme conditions.  

Rolex and Bronco off roading together

Here’s my story on how I use my tool watch as intended: a critical piece of equipment for  exploration and adventure 

Extreme places tested 

From glaciers on Mt. Denali  to  the Brooks Range and the high Rockies  to the lowest places on earth in the Dead Sea, my explorer has been a constant companion since I bought it. 

Glaciers and Mt Denali  / Mountains

It Doesn’t  get much harsher than north America’s highest peak, Mt. Denali with hurricane force winds and sub zero temps. .  While I didn’t climb the peak, I did a  flight around the summit in an unpressurized bush plane and glacier landing to hike across one of the glacier fields. 

The bush plane pilot also had a Rolex, and she does that for a living. 

Rolex Explorer II Polar on Glacier on Mt. Denali

OffShore fishing 

When in pursuit of big game fish from marlin  to tuna you are tested by One the the harshest environments. Offshore fishing is constant  motion, heavy seas (8-10 foot rolls) as well as non stop salt  spray will put any fisherman and his watch to the test.

Fishing Wild remote rivers 

The explorer held up wonderfully in wild and remote waters  from Alaska to Maine  to the backcountry of the everglades 

 From being knocked around while Shooting rapids in  a drift boat to being knocked off your feet into the water while wading in swift current in cold water takes a toll the equipment from reels to watches,

While the waters in the everglades are calm and warm, the environment is hard with hit temps, high humidity and lotos of mud and muck.

Rolex and Sharks

Exploring Deserts 

 From the Red Rock Deserts  of Arizona to  Texas Hill Country and the Dead Sea,  Harsh desert environments from sand and grit as well as the rough and tumble of a Jeep  across this landscape is a beating not only on the body, but  what’s on your wrist. 

High arctic midnight sun / Tundra 

The Polar Explorer really shined when I was in the high arctic during he summer solstice. It’s easy after a several  days in 24 hour daylight to get confused between day and night in the Arctic. The dial and 24 hr hand set to local time made it say not to get confused between 10:00 and 22:00 hrs when the sun is the same. 

Future  tests 

  • Amazon river expeditions in 2022 / 2023 
  • Canadian Arctic expedition 2023 
  • Norwegian Fjords 2024 

Final thoughts 

While a Casio G-shock offers the some of the  same level of toughness  in the harshest environments as my Rolex Explorer II,  the Rolex has many advantages: 

  • The Rolex Explorer II is an automatic  watch engineered  for Mt. Everest and extreme conditions from sub-zero to triple digit temps 
  • The Rolex Explorer II  is made with  the toughest of materials such as Oystersteel most commonly used in the aerospace and chemical industries, where maximum resistance to corrosion is essential. 
  • The Rolex Explorer II  is designed to handle internal and external shocks. 
  • The Rolex Explorer II  allows one to walk In the footsteps of giants knowing that your watch is a part of an amazing heritage of exploration and it will not fail or the battery die.  
  • The Rolex Explorer II looks  equally cool as a tool watch handling extreme conditions as it  does in the office or on a night out.

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